Tomorrow! Sunday, 12/03! Come on out for a day in New Hope, PA, and end it with the dark comedy "ANGST", part of the New Feathers - A Playwright Reading Series, Devoted to New Works - "Angst"!

Directed by Claire Moyer
Featuring Brie Covington, Jenna Kuerzi, Josiah Hutchings, Ian August, and with Danielle Grosso providing Stage Directions. 

The American Dream isn't dead. The youth are just lazy. Aman, who is among others your boss, your landlord, your traffic ticket, and your lost remote, will show you through the story of Bran and May just what it takes to achieve the American Dream. Or have them die trying. A comedy about an alcoholic drug dealer, a rich finger painting artist without a last name, a workaholic with 10 jobs, the ever-looming American Dream, the youth who stretch as far as they can to try to reach it,  and Aman, who shadows over them all.

Sunday, 12/03 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at The Raven! 4:30pm for the ticketed PreShow Happy Hour where you can network with the producers and the artists!

Don't miss out -- get your tickets online to save as opposed to the door!